• Project engineering and building of local and public telephone and optical networks and communication

    Our company is fully equipped for building of the cabling infrastructure, using  the equipment of our partners, leading world manufacturers of both copper and  fiber optic cables and accessories. All work is done with the respect of highest  quality standards, according to JUS standards and technical requirements of The  Community of Yugoslav PTT.

  • Research, development and manufacturing of telecommunication devices

   We are specialized in engineering and installation of telecommunications  equipment and power supply systems, primarily for the power supply of telephone  exchanges and remote stations, and also power supply in the power distribution   and mobile telephony sectors. The warranty on the equipment is 1 to 3  years,  maintenance and service of our equipment is included.

  • Delivery, installation and revitalization of power supply sites in telecommunication

    We supply and install homologated batteries of the leading world  manufacturers, aimed primarily for standby power supply in Telecom, Power  Distribution, Railway, computer centers... (rectifiers, UPS devices, batteries...). We  perform battery revitalization, and also capacity checks of batteries during their  exploitation lifetime.