Static bypass switch SS5000MD enables transfer of  the consumer (with up to 5KVA of the consumer  power), from the inverter system to the auxiliary  power  supply and vice versa.
There are two modes of work - "ON-LINE" when the  inverter system is supplying the consumer, and the  mains supply is in reserve, and "OFF-LINE" when  inverter system is in reserve, and the consumer is  supplied from the mains.

The contents of SS5000MD front panel:
  •   switch for inverter start-up
  •   connector for remote signalization and static bypass switch management
  •   LED diodes for indicating the system status

     The static switch is managed through a microcontroller. It provides continual  monitoring of the inverter system voltage and the mains voltage, and also quick  detection of inverter error or breakdown or mains network failure. The transfer of  energy to the auxiliary supply is performed in the period shorter than 2ms.
    SS5000MD is pre-configured during manufacture for operation in one of the  two possible regimes: "ON-LINE" or "OFF-LINE".


Detection and transfer time, and switching levels

"ON-LINE" mode  1-10ms, depending on type of failure
"OFF-LINE" mode 1-10ms, depending on type of failure
mains network breakdown < 2ms
transfer time < 10 µs
transient switching level 90V AC
minimal level 195Veff AC
maximal level 245Veff AC
Range of pilot frequency  
Inverter is synchronized if
Fmin £ F £ Fmax  
Fmin 47,5 ±0,2Hz
Fmax 52,5 ±0,2Hz
General data  
Efficiency > 98%
Maximal switching capacity unipolar switching 5 kVA
Operating conditions  
Permissible operating temperature 0°-50°C
Humidity during operation 20-80%
Dielectric strength  
Inverter/ground 1500V 50Hz
System input/ground 1500V 50Hz

2500V 50Hz

Length 436mm
Width 45mm
Height 275mm
Weight 5kg