Characteristics and functions of the discharger

This device is designed for controlled  discharge of accumulator batteries with  nominal voltage of 48V and current up to  150A. Internal power supply of the device  is provided by connecting to the  batteries. A fan of air-flow capacity  1000m3/h is used for energy drainage.  The discharger is designed for use in  telecommunications, and all other areas  where periodical control and  maintenance  of batteries is required.

    Precise measurement of the battery set capacity is done by a dissipater, with  respect to such parameters as ambient temperature and end-level of voltage. Discharge characteristics curve is obtained simply by connecting to PC  through  RS232 interface, after the capacity control is performed. The device  stores up to four capacity tests in memory. The modes for battery discharging  are constant current, constant power or fixed thermogenic load. All  adjustments  are performed on keyboard and LCD.
  When discharging larger capacity batteries, it is possible to use several  dischargers in parallel, and optimal setting for this is equal division of the set  currencies.
  The optimization of discharger's functions was done through the process of  capacity tests that were done in all the major exchanges in Serbia's post  offices, overall more than 300 sites. The device is also a principal component  of the system for battery revitalization, and can be used with the set for  simultaneous individual cycling of each cell from the battery set.


Input voltage

DC 35V to 55V

Input current

up to 150A

Current regulation

1A through 150A, step 1A

Power supply

accu 48V, external


2A + preset work load




RS232, galvanically separated


200A fuse



Thermal switch


Two temperature sense wires

for measuring of the external and internal temperature

Automatic error detection

sound alarm and automatic shutoff