INVERTER IN1000T48/60 is a converter of programmed sinusoidal output voltage, with nominated power of 800W, 1000VA with THD<2% and efficiency of 88%.

Inverter is aimed primarily for use in telecommunications, with network stations, servers, and computer centers and centers for mass data-procession.

The device is designed to work in parallel, synchronized with network and can be used with the static bypass switch SS1000MDSS2000MD and SS5000MD.

Inverter is homologated by the Community of Yugoslav PTTs.  The input voltage is in the voltage range used in telecommunications - from 40 to 80V.

The following configurations are supported:
  • independent inverter with or without IFD1 interface
  • independent inverter with static switch SS1000MD and IFD1 interface
  • parallel inverters with redundancy of N+1
  • parallel inverters with redundancy of N+1 and static switch SS2000MD or SS50000MD


Inverter IN1000T48/60 is constructed in the form of rack. It weights approximately  11,5 kg and its dimensions are 435 x 275 x 135mm.
The following components are located behind the front panel:
- automatic input fuse
- automatic output fuse
- potentiometer for adjustment of the AC voltage 220 to 240V
 connectors for:
output AC voltage
input DC voltage
synchronization and parallel work
connecting the IFD1 interface to the module
remote control and alarm
it is possible to ground one of the output phase voltages.

IFD1 interface

Interface is designed to provide:
- switching on and off of the inverter
- selection of the value to be measured and shown on display (voltage or current)
- LED indicators for supervision/alarms
- connector between interface and inverter
- connector for remote control and alarms.


Input Data
Input Voltage  
Nominal input voltage   48V or 60V DC
Input voltage range 40.0V to 80.0V DC
Disconnection voltage 40V ±1V and 80V±1V
Restart voltage 47V ±1V and 79V±1V
Input Current  
Maximal input current < 26A when Sout = 1KVA and Uin min < 50A during t < 5s
Output Data  
Output Voltage  
Nominal output voltage    230 VAC
Output voltage tolerance (Un) ±2.5%
Output voltage adjustment (manual)   220V...240V
Output voltage frequency 50 Hz ±0,1 Hz
Clear factor (linear load) <2%
Clear factor (nonlinear load)     <5%
Recovery period after interruption <0,5 ms
Switch-on delay <5 s
Output Current  
Nominal output current 4,4A when Uout nom=230V &cosj=.8
3,4A when Uout nom=230V & cos
Crest factor  > 2,5
Short circuit output current > 11A peak for max 4s
Output Power  
Nominal apparent output power Sn =1000 VA
Overload (with protection) 1600W during 4s
Nominal output power Pn =800 W
Efficiency >88% for nominal voltage and nominal resistance load
Parallel Operation  
Parallel connecting up to 10 units
Current distribution while in parallel operation mode   < 5% In
Ambient Conditions  
Permissible storage temperature     - 40° to 80°C
Permissible temperature during operation 0 to 45C
Permissible storage humidity 20-95%
Permissible humidity during operation 5-85%
Dimensions and Weight  
Dimensions:   435 x 275 x 135 (mm)              
Weight:   11,5 kg